My Words of Wisdom

Remember: Life is way too short. Remain calm and smile when others go crazy. Smile in the face of adversity. You’ll save your sanity and put them at ease too.

You have permission to be whoever the hell you want to be. 

It’s easy to get caught in the weeds, just keep looking up and over. There are more important things on which to focus. 

And sometimes, being true to yourself and living your best life possible, means those you love may get hurt. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them though. Because living with regret is the most painful way to live. Not only do you pay the price, those around you pay as well. 
My point is, BE HAPPY! Never know how much time you have left.


25 Years

Words of Wisdom from my mom:

1. Live in the dorms at college. 

2. Live by yourself. 

3. Live with a roommate. 

4. Live with the man you want to marry BEFORE you get married. 

5. Sleep with the man you marry because you’re stuck with that for life. 


7. Move away from home, you can always come back. 

8. Get your college degree, you can be stripped of everything but no one can ever take away your education.

A Definiton of Me

Me: Why do you say I’m crazy?? 

Don: When you do something, no matter what it is….. it’s either a crazy idea, crazy daring, crazy fun or in this case crazy in love. You found out early what few know….. everyday of life is a gift. You never know so you gotta live each moment and enjoy it. Wtf attitude…. that my friend is just crazy!

Me: oh. That’s all? 

September 26, 1991

The 25th anniversary of my mamas death is quickly approaching. I’m scared. I’m sad. But I’m going to celebrate. Because her life is worth celebrating and life is too damn short. 

She was only 42. 

Life is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. 

I can say with a full heart, I haven’t wasted one second yet.