Morning Yawn

Mary: (yawn…stretch…..)

Rik: (you hear loud footsteps running through the house) Are you ok????!!!!! What happened???!!!! (with a look of great peril and concern)

Mary: (hysterically and uncontrollably laughing)

Rik: Jesus! What the hell happened? (He says in an exasperated tone with a look of panic on his face)

Mary: I was just doing my morning yawn and stretch. (Still hysterically laughing) BOBBY!!!!  Tell him.  I’m laughing too hard.

Bobby: (Outside you can hear Bobby laughing hysterically too.) Rik, she just makes weird noises in the morning.  There isn’t an explanation for her or that sound.

I know I tend to yawn and stretch loudly but I guess those who know me well are used to the weird noises I make. It’s a cross between finding a dead body, George of the Jungle and my own singing mix.


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