No alarm system needed

As uncle Bobby and I wandered around the south rim of the Grand Canyon, enjoying the stunning views and crisp cool air, something else was happening on Perennial Drive in Louisville.

My cousin Malinda is moving into her first apartment and in true Weldon form (I’ve nicknamed our family the family of traveling furniture), I was housing some of her furniture until she needed it. So today she drove to Louisville and started loading it in her boyfriends truck. My neighbors Mark and Bobbie noticed someone in my home and came over to check it out. After a very brief conversation, everything was cool….or so they thought.

You see earlier in the week, Bobbie mentioned to our village mayor (who lives across the street) that I was out of town. She too saw them moving furniture and immediately called the police. Meanwhile, another neighbor heard on her police scanner there was a reported burglary two doors down.  Pandemonium set in.

Since I wasn’t there, I’m not certain of all the details but I can only imagine the scene of the police cruiser, my cousin, her boyfriend, my cousins friend (who happens to be a Louisville police officer), and all my neighbors out in front of my house trying to figure out what the hell is happening. Meanwhile, uncle Bobby and I are at Hermits Point in the Grand Canyon taking photos and enjoying the peaceful sun set over the canyon with no cell service and oblivious to the ensuing chaos.

As Bobby and I leave Hermits Point, I regain cell service and my phone explodes. Texts, voice mails, FB messages and posts…

I called everyone including the police officer who was at the scene of the crime, and let them know Malinda was indeed allowed to come into my home and take her furniture.  She did have a key afterall… and her photos are on the wall….

So until I return home, the Audubon police department will add my home to their patrol.

Like I said, no alarm system needed.


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