I Was So Happy I Fell Asleep

I couldn’t write last night – too tired and too happy.  While the 49ers ultimately lost, Uncle Bobby, Trish (and even Kurt later) and I had a day we’ll never forget.

Trish and Kurt will only understand peripherally how much yesterday truly meant. Going to a game with Trish is almost like being treated like a celebrity. And while yes our car was sniffed by the K9 Unit because we park so close to the stadium, she just pushed her “garage door opener” and the huge metal sliding gate opened just for us. A party at the “foothills” of the stadium just for friends of Trish (ok for all the coaches friends and family but that’s a minor detail).

Bobby and I made friends immediately of course. And we were soon on our way being personally escorted by two 49ers personnel through the tunnel and onto the field. Not even exaggerating. Kurt made that little part happen because he didn’t want Bobby to navigate any unnecessary stairs.

Then after about 45 minutes on the field, I took a photo of Bobby with the first ever female NFL referee and as I turn around I had a microphone in my face and was interviewed by Local Channel 4 about the game. Of all people – a Kentuckian who only knows one name associated with the 49ers (Kurt Schmidt of course). I towed the line though, he kept trying to get me to say and/or be controversial but I was a true 49ers fan. Gotta find that video so I can post it!

Then Trish whisked us off to an elevator that seemed like she was taking us to a back alley but when we got out, we were in the 501Club. Then off to our seats for a couple quarters and then to another club. Where others wanted to go and where we just flashed one of our many badges and walked in. The Yahoo Club.

We then went back to an elevator others wanted to get on, but of course they were unable. And then around another little alley way back to our party by the metal gates in an area just for us.

Bobby had a look on his face I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen. A kid in a massive candy store with a smile that never left his face. He’s certainly never been one to watch NFL or College football on tv, but yesterday’s experience wasn’t at all what he expected.

Some things in life only come around once, and if you don’t grab that chance and just do it, you’ll only have regrets. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover”A quote by Mark Twain that hangs in Trish’s home and one that is quite fitting for her, Kurt, me and Bobby.


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