The country will never be the same

Today begins an adventure. Well, my life is always an adventure but today for my uncle Bobby and I will fly to Portland, Oregon, rent a car and spend the next 15 days driving across the country back to Kentucky.

Oh a whim, I asked him to join me. I didn’t really think he’d do it, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t call me the next day and said he really wanted to join me and bought a ticket! I was looking forward to this time alone, but I couldn’t say no. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this trip with him. He’s my dad and my brother sometimes…kinda cool really.

For those who know me AND Bobby, the response was the same. The country will never be the same. So I bought a GoPro to put in the car and record our shenanigans. Stay tuned for videos and pictures of what I’m sure will someday be a movie.


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