In addition to being a trucking dispatcher, I was also a Barista at Starbucks.  It was the VERY first Starbucks in Cincinnati.  I had never even heard of Starbucks….the year was 1994.  So one day I’m standing at the counter and I see this really tall guy walk in with plaid pink shorts and a pink polo shirt on.  He was with his girlfriend and walked straight to the back to talk with a friend of mine.  I watched him from the moment he walked in to the moment he left.  I think I said something to him but I really can’t remember.  I think my mouth was closed but I can’t remember that either.


Starbucks 1994

Some things happened…I moved to California…back to Cincinnati….spent time in Chicago…back to Cincinnati….and again back to the University of Cincinnati.

I love history, specifically Art History and Ancient Greek History.  The first day of my Ancient Greek History class I go to the front (as usual because I’m kind of a nerd) and this guy is super friendly and says Hi to me and acts like he knows me.  I’m all grumpy and suspicious as usual and disregard him.  For one thing, at the time I was engaged to my first fiancé (which is a whole other story).  Several weeks go by and finally this guy says you don’t remember me?  I’m my usual bad ass self and say…umm…NO.  And I’m sure you guessed it, he was the guy from Starbucks.  I thought I was the one staring in Starbucks, but apparently he was staring too and I was clueless.

This is only the beginning of this story.  This guy…this Starbucks guy…he and I were on and off for nearly ten years.  He was my third fiancé.


Aunt Alex, Uncle Bobby and Me at their 40th Birthday Party

1997 was the most dynamic and moving year of my life.  It was the year I called off my first engagement because the guy was arrested for domestic abuse against his mom and for writing bad checks from Miami, Florida all the way to Cincinnati.  It was the year of such a major milestone that I can’t write about it just yet, at least publically.  It was the year I turned 21. It was the year my aunt and uncle turned 40.  It was the year Princess Diana died.  It was the year I got into such a big fight with my best friend that she and I didn’t talk for nearly a year.  It was the year I had a kidney infection so bad that I was hospitalized for three days.  It was the year I was fired for the first time.  It was the year of the Horde Festival in Chicago.  It was the year I was humbled.  Let’s just say it was a year of a lot of firsts.


July 30, 1997 – My 21st Birthday
Me, Nikki and The Starbucks Guy


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