Redbirds and Mars….Who knew they had things in common

So this one time, I got engaged to this guy from upstate New York.  I met him while I was bartending at a dive bar in Covington.  He was French and spoke fluent French and Spanish AND he was a chef.  Just put a sold sticker on me and ship me off…I was done.  But neither one of us wanted to stay in Covington or Cincinnati so he went searching on the internet for someplace cool to work.  He found a place in Wells, Maine.  The gig was supposed to be six months in Maine, six months in St. Thomas…um…another no brainer.  Sold.  So we packed and started driving…  Now a lot happened in-between that but I’m just getting to the part about me working in a Martian themed restaurant in New York City so I’m skipping over some stuff.

So from Maine we didn’t move to St. Thomas…they had an enormous hurricane that year and the hotel was badly damaged.  So we moved to his parents cabin in the Catskills for a bit and then to their apartment in Queens.  So…there were four people living in a one bedroom apartment with one large dog and one fat cat.  And I was a little girl from Kentucky now trying to find a waitressing job in New York City.  The only public transportation I had ever taken in my life was the bus in Covington, KY to visit my mom while she was working in downtown Cincinnati, OH.  It’s a straight shot.  One bus.  No transfers.  Easy breezy.  And now…I’m walking four ENORMOUS blocks from the apartment to the subway and trying to figure out my way around.


 Redbird 7 Train, NYC – By the way, I’m so old they’re no longer red…And they have a museum for the old red trains….OY VEY!   

I figured the easiest way was to just get on the 7 train and take it until it dead ended into Times Square.  There had to be jobs around there right?  What no one tells you though, is that without NYC experience, no one in NYC wants to hire you.  So how the hell am I supposed to get experience??  At a Martian themed restaurant, that’s how.  That’s right….I said, “Vabanu Earthlings” on a regular basis and wore a space captain outfit in Times Sqaure.  Talk about some life changing experiences.  BUT… I did meet some amazing people that I STILL keep in touch with thirteen years later.


 *Note: This restaurant recently closed down in Jan. 2012; however, it represents an important cultural milestone and historical monument to New York’s willingness to trick unsuspecting tourists out of money.


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