Being A Misfit

I was a misfit for a number of reasons.  My parents were divorcing, I was AT LEAST a foot taller than everyone, I was dark complected, I had crazy dark hair, big bushy eyebrows, large lips.  I was outspoken, from the other side of the river, and didn’t fit into the mold at all.  I was actually kicked out of the school in 6th grade.  I wrote a bunch of curse words in a friends yearbook and the girl’s mother called the principal. The principal called my mother in her office and said people send their children here for two reasons.  THIS I REMEMBER VIVIDLY.  One is to give them a superior education and the second reason is to shield them from children such as yours.  So I got kicked out.  I remember my mother frantically calling schools to try and get me into another school.  Can you imagine?  The stress it must have caused her?



Me at 13 burning my catholic school uniform.  Did you know those darn things are flame retardant   It didn’t burst into flames, it turned to tar.


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