How I Met My Best Friend

The summer before my freshman year I went to a party at Tracy Mahorney’s house, a senior cheerleader.  I somehow finagled three screwdrivers and was sitting on the floor.  This little girl came up to me and asked me for one of them and I’m like no way.  They’re mine.  Because every 14 year old girl needs three vodka/orange juices…. Anyway, I don’t really remember my first day of school.  I do remember being picked up in car by a senior and hanging out with all his senior friends.  And all the sudden, people thought I was pretty.  Before I was always the ugly duckling and now…well…now people noticed me.  

When I got to my first day of school I was a pro at being the new kid, this was after all my 11th school.  I knew it was important who I associated with. I noticed straight away the girl I refused to give the screwdrivers too, was popular in every group.  She was in the band, she was a cheerleader, she had some AP classes etc… Nerds and popular people alike loved her.  She moved in and out of clique’s easily.  Even the jocks loved her…actually the jocks loved her a lot. 

The only way I knew how to be her friend was to ask for her school picture.  You know how everyone exchanges pictures right…well they did back in the day anyway.  I hounded the poor little girl.  Finally she gave in and remembered.  Somehow I managed to get invited to her home and ever since we were virtually inseparable.  She paved the way for me in high school and we’ve been laughing our asses off ever since. Image 


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