When to know you’ve done the right thing

If you call off the engagement, and instead of giving the ring back to him, you give it to his friend because the friend fronted him the money….you know calling off the wedding was the right thing to do.



Elope, Everybody isn’t doing it but they should


Reasons to Elope

1. Save Money

2. Less hassle

3. Avoid family arguements

4. Avoid inviting people you don’t really want to invite

5. It’s about YOU and your future spouse.

6. Eloping is about the wedding, not about the reception.  So if you want to have a party afterwards, by all means, have a party.

Reasons Not to Elope

I don’t know any, But apparently others do. The biggest reason, hurt feelings – family and friends want to be there.  If they want to be there so badly, I say….oh well.  It’s about me, not you.



No matter what goes wrong (and something always does) just think of it as good luck.  A bride once came to me FREAKING out because she had cut herself shaving and blood had gotten on her dress.  No worries I say.  That’s a sign of fertility and is incredibly good luck.  She looked at me with those big doe eyes and I knew I had done the right thing….even though it was a complete fabrication (okay…lie).  

Ever been passed a wedding invitation with dates on it from which to choose?

Yah…that happened to me.  That was my third engagement.  My mom always told me I had to get engaged a couple of times before I got married.  So having a couple of engagements seemed perfectly normal.  This is also the same woman who made sure I had a passport at 13.  “You never know when you’ll be whisked away to Paris for the weekend Mary by some handsome rich man.  You should be prepared.”

Anyway, I was passed the wedding invite. So I called my boyfriend at the time in Cleveland and told him what my family did.  He said…well….we were going to do it anyway right?